Overview of Bach Flower Remedies

Available in lactose-free sucrose granules (alcohol free) and in organic brandy

 Name  This helps.....
 Agrimony  Worry hidden behind brave face
 Aspen  Fear for no known reason. Panic attacks
 Beech  Intolerance
 Centaury  Weak-will
 Cerato  Doubts own ability
 Cherry Plum  Fear of losing control
 Chestnut Bud  Failure to learn from past mistake
 Chicory  Possessivness
 Clematis  Lack of interest in the present
 Crab Apple  Self hatred
 Elm  Being overwhelmed by responsibilities
 Gentian  Despondency
 Gorse  Hopelessness
 Heather  Self-centredness
 Holly  Jealousy and envy
 Honeysuckle Nostalgia
 Hornbeam  Wearniness - "Monday morning feeling"
 Impatiens  Impatience
 Larch  Lack of confidence
 Mimulus  Fear of known things
 Mustard  Deep gloom
 Oak  Despondency
 Olive  Complete exhaustion
 Pine  Guilt
 Red Chestnut  Anxiety for others
 Rock Rose  Terror - panic
 Rock Water  Self denial
 Scleranthus  Indecision
 Star of Bethlehem  Shock
 Sweet Chestnut  Extreme anguish
 Vervain  Tenseness and hyperanxiety
 Vine  Inflexability
 Walnut  Oversensitivity to certain ideas, atmospheres and influences
 Water Violet  Pride and aloofness
 White Chestnut  Unwanted thoughts and mental arguments
 Wild Oat  Lack of direction
 Wild Rose  Resignation and apathy
 Willow  Resentment
 Five Flower Remedy

 Rescue Remedy

Emergency. Used before and after stressful times

 Rest  Insomnia and  aids relaxation
Exam Helps concentration

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