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The word Massage derives from the Arabic “mass” or “Mas’h” meaning to press softly. As an art it must be about as old as man himself because to hold or to rub an injured part is an instinctive reaction to the pain involved. The greatest advancement of therapeutic massage recorded in history was by a Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839) who created a scientific system of massage movements and techniques known as Swedish massage.

Massage has both a physiological and psychological effect. I offer different types of massages and use a base oil like Almond oil blended with essential oils to enhance the effects of the massage.


This is a tailored massage using essential oils which are tested with Kinesiology to find out which one is most suitable at this session.

Some movements are the same as in Swedish massage, but could be more powerful.

The various movements either individually or in combination affect the skin, muscle, blood vessels, lymphatic's, nerves and some of the internal organs.

For deep tissue massage I sometimes use an electric professional Massager. If a client has a shoulder problem, I would first check different muscles using Kinesiology to find out which ones are involved. Then when I massage I know where the problem is and use my knowledge of Kinesiology. After the treatment I also advise on how you can help yourself between sessions.

The therapy room will be warm and your whole body will be covered with towels except the part I am working on. Relaxing music in the background is an option.



AromaTouch® Technique is a gentle yet powerful essential oil experience which works on an emotional level.

Combining physical touch with the aromatic benefits of eight specific DōTERRA oils brings an uplifting and relaxing experience unlike any other.

Working on the back, the Technique has a powerful deep long-lasting effect which has helped many of my clients relieve stress, reduce back pain and improve their emotional well-being.

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